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      Roman Chasuble: The distinctive liturgical vestment

      The Chasuble in its most simple form is a piece of cloth with the round opening in the middle to wear it and has cut on the sides that the arms were entirely exposed, leaving only a garment hanging over the shoulders in front and back. This form is known as the Roman style. This liturgical vestment is worn by clergy for the celebration of the Eucharist in Western-tradition Christian churches, primarily in Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches. . This vestment comes with matching stole.  The roman chasuble is magnificently embroidered and finished with orphrey banding and cut from church brocade. It has large Latin cross on the back with a single orphrey down the center of the front. The back of the vestment bears three different motifs IHS, CHI RHO, AGNUS DEI with unique designs. The chasuble is available in all liturgical colors.

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