About Us

Joha vestments was found to be originated in the year 1976. From the origin, we have been the manufacturer and the wholesale distributor providing good customer services. With 35 years of experience, we assure to satisfy the customers with good supply of material. Our e-commerce website establishes the excellent characteristics of our products and make shopping simple for the global customers.

We have a specialized production unit, with committed craftsmen and an exceptional management team. We offer to provide customized orders based on the customers choice of colour, size and other requirements. We always believe in ideal creations. Our main purpose is to provide customer friendly services and product satisfaction.

The products provided are manufactured with great competence. We are determined in providing the best products at a fair price. Every level of manufacturing is revised and tested for their quality. We render our gratitude to associates, especially the Clergy, Reverent Bishops, the Cardinals of Western and Eastern traditions who have constantly supported us over the years. It is by the divine calling, we endeavor to work with commitment, and innovation for Joha Vestments.