Roman Cassock with Mozzetta
Roman Cassock with Mozzetta
Roman Cassock with Mozzetta
Roman Cassock with Mozzetta

Roman Cassock with Mozzetta


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Cassock Color
  • The Cassock is made in a single-breasted style.
  • The Cassock is made of Polyester blend viscose fabric.
  • It is lined with satin fabric for comfort.
  • The Cassock has a pocket on each side.
  • The pockets are covered with pleats.
  • The Cassock has a single pleat at the back.
  • The mozzetta is made of Polyester blend viscose fabric (Same fabric as the cassock)
  • The mozzetta can either be made attached or detachable from the Cassock.
  • The Cassock and mozzetta are finished with matching trims.

Rabats or clerical collar are not provided with the Cassock. But the collar of the cassock is made with rabat collar to suit Rabats and Tab collar with inserts for a clerical collar.

   Tab Collar Type 


   Rabat Collar Type

The closure of the cassock is done with exposed matching fabric covered buttons.
The number of buttons can be chosen as per your following need.
39 buttons 
39 buttons are used by some Anglican denomination, the 39 buttons are thought to represent the 39 Articles of Faith 
33 buttons 
As per roman catholic tradition, 33 buttons symbolizing the Jesus Christ’s 33 years of earthly life.
15 to 17 buttons
If you do not belong to any of the above denomination, the Cassock can be made within 15 to 17 buttons (Depends on the length of the cassock)
Buttons on Cuffs
The cuffs of the Cassock can be made either with no buttons or with 5 buttons on each cuff or 7 buttons on each cuff.


  • The band cincture is a waistband which wraps around the waist with a hanging.
  • Matching Band cincture is provided with the Cassock.
  • The Band cincture is made in the same color as the trims.
  • The Band cincture has Velcro closure.
  • The ends of the cincture have knotted fringes.
  • The width of the cincture is 5 inches.
  • The cincture is made with long knotted fringes.

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